VII Triennale Design Museum | “Il design italiano oltre le crisi”

Projects selected by Beppe Finessi

The 7th edition of the Triennale Design Museum ‘Il design italiano oltre le crisi. Autarchia, Austerità, Autoproduzione’ [Italian design beyond the crisis: Autarchy, Austerity, Self-production] organized by Beppe Finessi focuses on the topic of self-sufficient production.
For the exhibition, Beppe Finessi has selected some previously unseen ‘assemblies’ that represent the abstract and germinal research that Francesco Faccin completed at the start of this third millennium; his work was inspired by his travels and his discoveries in times previous to the concrete activities of design. Included in the display is the table Binario, in the version that was self-produced by Faccin, in walnut heartwood, and PaneLuce, a hybrid product of a bread basket and a candelabra, produced in 2012 for AnalogicoDigitale.

Triennale Design Museum. 7th edition. 4 April 2014 – 22 February 2015