Wunder Wasser | Alfa Marmi | 2015

Photos by Gaetano Del Mauro              Manufacturer: Alfa Marmi

Wunder Wasser takes inspiration from the sixteenth century’s Wunderkammer. It’s a place of water – framed and hung on the wall – to contain a micro space dedicated to one’s own passions. A new typology of washbasin that is not only a home source, but becomes a wonder vessel. The choice of Travertino nuvolato has the intention of recovering a material always used for fountains. The simplicity of the structure and of the faucet – very essential – is to make the content stand out. It is designed to be used in different environments where there is usually no water source, in a cozy bedroom, in an artistic studio, in a waiting room, in a corridor…


Dimensions: W. 60 cm – D. 22 cm – H. 60 cm Weight: 52 kg.

Type of marble: Travertino nuvolato


Alfa Marmi was founded in San Gennaro Vesuviano where today are located the workshops for the production process.

The major quarries providing the valuable marble and granite for Alfa Marmi are in Italy (Carrara) and abroad (Africa, Brazil, India, Portugal), but the entire production process is performed in the company workshops, equipped with highly sophisticated contour, drawing and numeric control machines. With architects, interior designers and sculptors, they implement restorations, nautical projects and luxury construction, and public and artistic work, intended for Italy, Europe (Cyprus, France, Germany, England, Switzerland) and the Middle East (Qatar).